Embedding AI on the Edge

  • Design AI models for embedded architectures.

  • Optimize AI models for embedded architectures.

  • Deploy optimized AI models on specialized embedded vision (EV) and AI Processors.

  • Sensor Cortek is an accredited Synopsys development partner.

AI for Radar

  • Replaced traditional processing pipeline with AI pipeline.

  • Produced high level inference using AI.

Smart Radar for Auto-Parking

  • Deep segmentation model for open-space detection in parking scenarios.

  • Based on mmWave Radar technology.

  • Real-time Radar processing on embedded AI computing device.

VoxelFlow Vision Library

  • Developed synthetic VoxelFlow sensor for simulation testing.

  • Developed a fast and customizable object detection alarm based on VoxelFlow data.

  • Developed libraries for quantitative testing performance.

  • Developed metrics to measure the performance of certain use cases .

Radar for Space Occupancy

  • Robust GHz 3D radar sensor.

  • AI processing pipeline on the edge.

  • Anonymous at source.

  • Robust performance even in degraded lighting conditions.

  • White-labeled solution.

Multi-Sensor Data Annotation Tool

  • Reads Lidar, Radar and Camera data.

  • Web-based for interoperability and ease of use.

  • Highly customizable.

  • Includes metrics for assessing annotation sessions.

  • Export/Import annotation feature for interrupted/segmented work.



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